Memberships sales.

From time to time, a limited number of Memberships are available for sale. To find out about the many advantages of becoming a member of Corio Ski Club and for further information please email our president at .

About Membership

From time to time members wish to sell their membership, this provides you with an opportunity to become a member of our ski club. Currently no members are interested in selling their membership. Membership transfer between non-related parties needs to be ratified by the AGM; this is required by the clubs constitution. There is also a transfer fee.

The sale process

You are put in touch with the member(s) wishing to sell their membership. The club is informed of the agreed sale price (how the transfer fee is paid for is worked out by the buyer and seller). The club obtains any outstanding monies from the seller of the membership, prior to approving the sale of membership by the committee The club informs the purchaser that it is OK for the transaction to proceed. The membership fee and transfer is paid to the club, which holds this in trust until the AGM, where the transfer is ratified by the members based on the recommendation of the committee. The buyer is now considered a “Probationary member”, and now has the ability to use the clubs facilities as if they were a full member Upon ratification at the AGM, the transaction is deemed complete. A membership certificate is issued to the purchaser and the funds are released to the selling member.



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