Lodge Manager

Lodge Manager

Corio Ski Club has a friendly resident lodge manager who will often be there to greet you upon your arrival and show you where your room will be and where you can store your food. If you have any questions about the lodge or Mt Buller, the manager will be able to help you out and point you in the right direction. While the manager looks after our lodge and our guests, we please ask that you tidy up after yourselves and leave the lodge as you found it.

Corio Ski Club at Mt Buller has a Lodge Manager opportunity for the entire 2021 winter season.

Corio is a friendly family lodge a short walk from the Mt Buller village. We are at the final shuttle stop before the village and our street address is 6 Delatite Lane Mt Buller.

The club has 8 bedrooms, one of which is allocated to the managers. At full capacity we would have about 25 occupants. Most mid weeks are quiet and most weekends are reasonably full.

The building has a shared drying room, 8 shared bathrooms, shared kitchen, dining and lounge. There is free wifi.

We are a small club with about 15 active Members who all have lockers and use their own linen. We also have non-member Guests who pay to stay and the Guests need linen put in their rooms and be given a bit of an induction upon arriving.

Essentially we offer free accommodation and breakfasts in return for the following:

  • Greeting members and guests. Most people arrive in the afternoon and evening so maybe best suited to a couple where at least one person can be at the lodge in the afternoons and evenings.
  • Keep the lodge clean and tidy. Members are required to vacuum their rooms upon departure and fold bedding and they are also good at helping keep the lodge clean. Managers need to make sure All bedrooms are clean, bins emptied and bedding folded in readiness for next visitors.
  • Bathrooms are all shared and need to be kept clean and toilets stocked with toilet paper.
  • When Guests depart they should normally leave linen in the washing baskets. Managers need to do the laundry of the used guest linen using our Washing / Drying machine. Then fold it and store in the linen cupboard.
  • Managers do NOT need to make up bedrooms. Just make sure the vacated bedrooms are ready for the next arrivals and that when Guests are due for a room then that room has the folded linen ready on the beds.
  • Managers are required to make sure the club rules are followed in relation to keeping the peace and people adhering to our Covid requirements. The Lodge has QR scanning, Sanitiser stations and signage limiting areas to a max number of people.
  • We have an account with the village grocery store. Managers to make sure we don’t run out of milk, butter, sugar, sauce, toilet paper etc. Note we do stock the stores well before the season starts.
  • Each bedroom has a dedicated food drawer and shelf in the fridges. After visitors have left Managers to make sure remaining food in drawers and fridges is disposed of.
  • Bins need to be emptied daily and the rubbish hut is just across the road.
  • If there has been a lot of snow Managers need to make sure access to the lodge is well kept by shovelling snow from entrance and pathway.
  • Managers need to have a constant relationship with bookings officer to know who is allocated to what bedroom and the room allocation board is kept up to date. That way when people arrive they know what room is theirs.
  • Managers may at times have an opportunity to fill a spare room with a “walk in” or learn of someone looking for a room. That can be arranged in conjunction with the booking officer’s involvement.
  • Managers may also deal directly with the President and the Treasurer to sort out problems and expenses that may arise. The Managers are not expected to use their own funds for the operation of the lodge.

Anyone interested please contact the club president at president@corioskiclub.com.au


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